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The Bigger Pitch Foundation 501(c)(3) is a sporting organization devoted to the holistic development of children. Development that is fueled by a passion for soccer and a love of learning, dreaming and doing.

Development that includes:

  • physical training
  • social and emotional growth
  • community service
  • cross cultural exchange

We are partnering with specialists in a multitude of learning and leadership areas creating opportunities for children to flame their inner creativity and act in pursuit of their dreams.

We are working to provide local recreational fields and facilities for community use.  Our proposed 25 acre multi-sport and recreational park development is suitable for sport training and strategic training alike.

We are taking the game of soccer off the pitch and into life.  We are creating opportunities and offering experiences to children of all ages – and from all walks of life – that will invite and encourage them to become vibrant local and global citizens of the world!

If you want to know more, are feeling inspired to get involved, or want to support our cause, please contact us at info@thebiggerpitch.org.  Whether you want to donate time, services, or want to contribute financially, The Bigger Pitch Foundation is grateful for your participation!



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our board

Fraser P. Foster, Founder and President

Karina J. Fitz, Founder and Director

Lara B. Killgore, Founder and Director

David M. Halpen, Director

Liam E. Fitz, Junior Advisory Committee

John O. Killgore Jr., Junior Advisory Committee

Finley F. Foster, Junior Advisory Committee

our mission statement

“The primary but not exclusive purposes of the Corporation are to further and assist in the holistic development (including physical training, social, emotional and experiential learning, community service participation and cross cultural exchange) of children of all ages through the use of sports and nature and in furtherance of that objective to provide fields and facilities for meeting, activities, practices, games and events for the benefit of such children.”

our partners

Massive Soccer Coaching is a professional soccer coaching company founded by Fraser Foster.  Fraser’s head coaching position with the English Premier League’s Premier Skills initiative has taken him across the globe teaching and training all levels of players.  Massive’s partnership ensures The Bigger Pitch Foundation is always delivering its programming with the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to the whole Massive Soccer family for their support of The Bigger Pitch!


The Janson Coffee Farm is our Panamanian host and connection to the local community in Volcan Baru, Panama. Recognized as a “model farm” by the Panamanian Ministry of Agriculture, the diverse Janson Coffee Farm is home to the award winning 100% premium Geisha Arabica Agtron 85 coffee, considered a Panamanian eco-tourism destination, functions as a fully sustainable commercial farm, and specializes in high-end livestock genetics and embryo transfers.  Their support and encouragement during our visits to Panama makes all we do there possible. We are grateful for their partnership and encourage everyone to – drink more coffee!


CS Tropical Landscaping is owned and operated by Carlos Salgado who has lived in Martin County, Florida for the past two decades.  Driven by his strong faith, family values and desire to give back to his community, Carlos has partnered with The Bigger Pitch to aid in the visioning and development of our field and recreational space.  Thank you to CS Tropical Landscaping and the Salgado Family for being part of the grassroots community involvement  it takes to turn dreaming into doing.


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