Soccer starts on the pitch.  A small round bag of air and a place to play – a field of green or a patch of dirt, a parking lot or an empty street.  But what if the love of soccer can be carried off the pitch?  And weaved into exploration and learning and service and sharing?  Weaved into the world at large where possibilities are endless and potential limitless?  Now we see the bigger picture.  Now we see The Bigger Pitch!

The Bigger Pitch Foundation is a sporting organization devoted to the holistic development of children.  Development that includes physical training, social and emotional learning, community service and cultural exchange.  Development  fueled by a love of soccer and a passion for children!

By providing spaces to play, creating vibrant learning environments and partnering with specialists in a multitude of areas, The Bigger Pitch Foundation is working with children of all ages and from all walks of life to spark creativity, inspire dreams and promote action!

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