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...our name

Soccer starts on the pitch.  A small round bag of air and a place to play – a field of green or a patch of dirt, a parking lot or an empty street.

But what if the love of soccer can be carried off the pitch? Now we see the bigger picture. Now we see The Bigger Pitch!


our foundation
...passion for Soccer ...pursuit of dreams

The Bigger Pitch Foundation 501(c)(3) is a sporting organization devoted to the holistic development of children. Development that is fueled by a passion for soccer and a love of learning, dreaming and doing.

We are partnering with specialists in a multitude of learning and leadership areas creating opportunities for children to flame their inner creativity and act in pursuit of their dreams.


bigger happenings
...1st annual ugly argyle footgolf tournament

Calling all ne’er-do-well golfers and irreverent footsies, time to return to the scene of the crime!

The 1st Annual Ugly Argyle Footgolf Tournament was a roaring success! Look for the 2nd Annual Ugly Argyle coming this spring. Details coming soon!


bigger world
...journey with us

This really is the bigger picture.  The who, what, where, when and why we do what we do.  Journey with us as we chronicle everything from our ongoing USA Panamanian cross-cultural exchange project to our grassroots movement to develop sporting fields and training facilities closer to home in Martin County, Florida. 

We hope you’ll enjoy your peek into our gallery page of projects.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to be a part of it all!  We encourage families, students, community members, civic organizations, sport lovers, or anyone at all to get inspired and get involved!


bigger blog
...for the love of Soccer

Make a statement, start a conversation, issue a challenge, or dream a dream.  And while you’re at it – just imagine the BIG places a small round bag of air can take you!

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